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Knowledge Broker Blueprint Review

Welcome to Knowledge Broker Blueprint Review video.
Take Advantage of This $355M Per Day Industry, With A Step-by-Step Training by, Tony Robbins and Dean Graziosi. Get instant access to Knowledge Business Blueprint from the link below.

Look, I’m not going to bother you with my “rags to riches” story where I didn’t have nothing to eat and suddenly I made millions over night, because let’s face it… Pretty Sweet… And You Probably Want In On Their Little Secrets, Right? Then you might want to hear more about the Knowledge Business Blueprint… watch the full video to learn more… …

Me and you both are tired of these stories from “fake” entrepreneurs who are only successful on social media. So what I’ve decided is to skip all the smoke and tell you what I KNOW is the guaranteed success “magnet”. That being said and done…

Here’s what it is : Your surroundings are so MUCH more important than you think and let me PROVE IT here… If you just take a look at successful people, you will see that their friends aren’t bums and time-wasters… Instead they are highly productive people with ambition and passion to grow and think bigger. … And if you surround yourself with those kinds of people there’s no doubt you won’t get your piece of cake you always wanted. Therefore, if that is what takes you to next level then…

How Would You Like To Be In Same Mastermind Group With Tony Robbins and Dean Graziosi and do Same Stuff They’re Doing To Make All Of This Money ?…

THIS is their mastermind group and before I say anything else, let me tell you this… With these two combined they actually have net worth of over $550M+ and they’re showing you how to do it like them. That’s why being in mastermind group is so important for your income, because once you’re in it you will have totally different vision. I know how much it helped me when I was a part of a successful mastermind group and I almost had zero skill that would make me any money, but…

Looking up to them and learning straight from them is something I never imagined to do. … And if you still think mastermind groups are waste of time then you probably… Never had a real mentor inside of those groups. The name Tony Robbins speaks for itself and his success is recognized worldwide and he’s not your typical “instagram guru”. He has over 30-years of experience in this field and people pay tons of money to speak with him only for few minutes. Same thing is with

Dean Graziosi… Both of them know the SECRETS that you currently don’t know that are keeping you away from having successes in your life. You might be wondering what they did to create wealth and legacy, but you should ask yourself how they did it… … And then you’ll realize that they simply know things you don’t.

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Knowledge Broker Blueprint

Dean Graziosi KBB Method

What is the KBB Method about?
The knowledge Broker Blueprint (KBB) is a course, meant to teach you how to grow your business, by using the power of masterminds and the knowledge within you.

The advice offered in this course can be used to propel business at any level to greater heights. Look, I’m not going to bother you with my “rags to riches” story where I didn’t have nothing to eat and suddenly I made millions over night, because let’s face it… Pretty Sweet… And You Probably Want In On Their Little Secrets, Right? Then you might want to hear more about the Knowledge Business Blueprint… watch the full video to learn more…

YOUR HOST #1. Tony Robbins…

Tony Robbins is an entrepreneur, best-selling author, philanthropist, and the nation’s #1 life and business strategist. Tony is the chairman of a holding company comprised of 40 privately held businesses with combined sales exceeding $5 billion a year. He has been honored by Accenture as one of the “Top 50 Business Intellectuals in the World”; by Harvard Business Press.

YOUR HOST #2 Dean Graziosi

Dean Graziosi is a NY Times Best Selling Author along with one of the top motivation and real estate trainers in the world. Dean is accessible, doing deal after deal and truly obsessing with helping his students succeed in whatever it is they choose as their life goal. Please Hit Like this video if you love the information.

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Disclaimer – “I am an independent affiliate, not an employee. I receive referral payments from The opinions expressed here are my own and are not official statements of or its parent company, LLC”

Knowledge Broker Blueprint

Knowledge Broker How Do You Partake In This?

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Hack Training of KBB

Module #4: Knowledge Broker KBB review module4 What if you don’t have any expertise or skill that you could profit from? How do you partake in this? In this module, Dean and Tony would show you how to organize events for other experts to sell their knowledge for a part of the profits.

You can partner with experts and then split the profits. Plus, you’ll also see how Tony and Dean started their journey, ups, downs, and winnings. I think you’ll learn tons here and use their personal stories to shape your career. This module sets you on the path to becoming a top knowledge broker.

⦁ What it means to be a knowledge broker

⦁ Getting a commitment from the expert

⦁ Foundation of a successful business

⦁ Bonus: The truth about Tony & Dean’s success The entire KBB 4-module course was created to set you on the path to building a profitable business selling your expertise. But it doesn’t end there.

You’ll get access to powerful software that would help you in the course of building your knowledge business. It’s the MindMint Software.


Knowledge Broker Blueprint

What Is Mindmint Software?

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What is MindMint Software? When you’re building your knowledge business, you’ll need a mastermind group. However, if you don’t know how to build a mastermind group, then your path to success is delayed.

This is where the MindMint software comes in. MindMint Software is a powerful software that was created to assist you in creating and running an outstanding event. It acts as a virtual assistant that guides you throughout the process of planning your event.

The software was created by Tony Robbins and Dean and they paid over $500,000 to have it done. Here are the main features of the MindMint software:

#1: Website Builder You don’t have to go through the stress of building a website from scratch. The MindMint Software comes along with pre-built pages, high converting websites templates, sales funnels and pre-written emails.

#2: Event Builder The MindMint Software offers you a step-by-step formula for building a perfect event all from scratch using the best structure.

#3: Wisdom Extractor This unique tool helps you build your agenda with drag and drop capabilities to customize every event in 15 minutes.

#4: Consolidate Expenses Into One This software gives you an all-in-one accounting system. You’ll be able to design, accept payments and fulfill all with one system.

#5: Pre Designed Checklists With the MindMint Software, You’ll get both virtual and in-person pre-loaded event checklists so you can have the perfect event and you don’t miss anything.

#6: Integration The MindMint Software affords you an easy way to automate your work by integrating with over 1300 websites and applications.

#7: Customer Tracking & Sales You’ll get a well-built, good looking CRM to track and charge customers for every event. Once you enroll in the Knowledge Broker Blueprint, you’ll get 6 months of access to all

of the functions of Mindmint software. After that, the software would come at a recurring price of $97 per month. But you can cancel at any time before that by emailing support. however, you will STILL have KBB. 🙂


Knowledge Broker Blueprint

How Much Does The Knowledge Broker Blueprint Cost?

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Part #5: How Much Does The Knowledge Broker Blueprint Cost? Currently, the KBB program is sold for a one-time payment of $1,997 or 4 separate payments of $597. And here’s what’s included in the

bundle: #1: The Knowledge Broker Blueprint This is the incredibly designed, 4 Module training course which teaches you how to: Extract And Share Your Knowledge Fill Events Through Proven Marketing

Seamlessly Run Online Or In-Person Events Profit From Someone Else’s Knowledge #2: Free 6 Months Of The Mindmint Software You’ll get 6 months FREE to use the MindMint Software in running

your events. #3: An Invitation To The Private KBB Facebook Group Once you enroll for the Knowledge Broker Blueprint program, you’ll get to join one of the best communities on the planet. You’ll be added

to a private Facebook group filled with students just like you where you’ll be cheered on to your next level Daily. #4: The In-Depth KBB Workbook A workbook would be given to you once you become a

member of the course. And that’s not all. You’ll also get these juicy BONUSES for buying the Knowledge Broker Blueprint course. #5: The Best Of Platinum Training From Tony & Dean As part of the

bonus for buying the Knowledge Broker Blueprint course, You’ll get access to closed-door training that only people who paid $85,000 have had access to until now! #6: Live Monthly Training With Dean

Graziosi How would you like to learn Dean Graziosi’s biggest breakthroughs LIVE every month directly from Him? You’ll get this as a bonus once you buy the Knowledge Broker Blueprint course.

#7: Funnels To Fill Learn the “next level” marketing strategies to fill your events automatically from one of the best on the planet, Russell Brunson. You’ll also get sales funnel templates as part of this bonus

from the ClickFunnels boss. #8: Traffic Bundle Get quality training on how to generate traffic from Dean’s personal, in-house marketing team. #9: One Hour Training With Jenna Kutcher Get an HOUR training

with Jenna Kutcher to walk you through setting up your event with confidence from start to finish in 30 days or less! All this above (valued at $6,746) is yours FOR ONLY $1,997 or 4 payments of $597. Of

course, there’s a money-back guarantee! You’ll get a 30 Day Money-Back Guarantee upon enrolling in the program If for some reason, you are not on your way to real success in the initial 30 days of buying the Knowledge Broker Blueprint course, just send an email and you’ll be refunded.

Disclaimer – “I am an independent affiliate, not an employee. I receive referral payments from The opinions expressed here are my own and are not official statements of or its parent company, LLC”

Make sure you be on live training to find your expertise. Learn how to impact lives. The special live training gonna Mind Blowing.


You can make a comment below for anything else you want to learn even you have any question.

Knowledge Broker Blueprint

Some Frequently Asked Questions About KBB

KBB Course Free Training

Frequently Asked Questions What is the Knowledge Broker Blueprint? Knowledge Broker Blueprint is a program that provides you with the training (and software) to extract your knowledge and other people’s knowledge and turn it into a profitable business.

It was formerly known as the Knowledge Business Blueprint. The program shows you step by step how to extract your knowledge, fill your events, run them either virtually or physically and even make money from someone else’s knowledge.

Who Created the Knowledge Broker Blueprint? There are three creators of the program. Tony Robbins, Dean Graziosi, and Russell Brunson. What is MindMint Software? The Mindmint Software was created to be your personal assistant as you go through the Knowledge Broker Blueprint course.

It comes with a website builder, wisdom extractor, agenda builder to help you market, sell and manage your events. Do I Have To Be An Expert Or Own A Business? The Knowledge Broker Blueprint was created to work for anyone in the game looking to take their business to the next level. But that’s not all.

It was also designed to help anyone new to the information industry to get started, feeling confident in building their business from the ground up. Will This Work In My Country?

There are thousands of KBB students in the United Kingdom, Australia, Canada, New Zealand, America, all over Europe and even South America. The program is proven to work worldwide, no matter where you live! How Much Time Do I Need To Make This Work? The program was designed so that anyone could go through it at his own pace.

The lessons in the program are pre-recorded in the training portal and are available online anytime you need them. You can take the training and progress at your pace. Even if you’re having a tight schedule and hard-pressed for time, you can listen to the training while running errands, driving or at your job with headphones.

What is the Cost of the Knowledge Broker Blueprint? Like I mentioned earlier, the Knowledge Business Blueprint will cost you ONLY $1,997 or 4 payments of $597. Is the Knowledge Broker Blueprint Worth it? At almost $2000 to buy into the Knowledge Broker Blueprint course, it’s understandable why some people hesitate.

It’s quite a lot of money – money well spent if you ask the thousands of successful Knowledge Brokers who have started and runs a successful information-based business, thanks to the program. Personally, I don’t like courses that cost over $1000, but for this, the cost of this program reflects the value you receive from world-renowned experts. and you

get to network with other brokers who will show you exactly how to be successful. With the money-back guarantee, it also lets you take a look at the course as risk-free and see if it’s worth keeping or not……….

Lets attend the Live Training to know your expertise that already you have…

Register for the FREE Training with Tony, Dean, Russel along with Special guest.

Disclaimer – “I am an independent affiliate, not an employee. I receive referral payments from The opinions expressed here are my own and are not official statements of or its parent company, LLC”

Knowledge Broker Blueprint

Becoming A Marketing Expert?

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Hack Training of KBB

Module #2: Fill It The Fill it module contains 5 lessons and contains about 8 hours of content. KBB module2 The second module is based on how to get your event filled up with the right, like-minded audience. You’ll also learn how to increase your profits and maximize your impact on them.

Lesson #1: Becoming A Marketing Expert Be on the right track of building your knowledge business by learning effective marketing strategies from Tony and Dean.

They have used these same strategies to earn millions of dollars on their events and they will show you in this lesson.

⦁ Marketing & sales redefined – Forget everything you know about marketing and sales, then learn from the world’s best.

⦁ Mastermind marketing philosophy – When it comes to mastermind-type events, there are special marketing approaches that work best.

⦁ Hook, story, close – The classic way of making sales, applied to events and masterminds.

⦁ Bonus: Quick hacks to overcome anxiety

Lesson #2: Mastermind Funnel Blueprint Funnels are a series of pages or steps which lure a prospect into taking your desired offer. In this lesson, Tony and Dean teach you the basics of how to create funnels that convert so You’ll be able to build your own funnel for your event.

⦁ Website VS funnel – What are the differences? Which one should you use?

Anatomy of a landing page – Learn the components of a high-converting landing page

⦁ What to charge for your event – Make it too cheap, and people won’t take it seriously. Make it too expensive, and no one will come.

⦁ Creating your first landing page – Even with zero technical skills.

⦁ Bonus: The listen, do, succeed framework

Lesson #3: The Wagon Wheel Just like a wagon needs many spokes to be stable and move the cart forward, so does your business need several streams of ideas, traffic, and income to be successful. You’ll learn the major ways to fill, run and make money from your events (no matter the niche) in this lesson.

⦁ The marketing wagon wheel

⦁ Facebook blueprint

⦁ Youtube starter pack

⦁ Social media secrets

⦁ Affiliates made easy

⦁ Email management

⦁ Bonus: Tony’s best advice for entrepreneurs

Lesson #4: The Different Pages There are some technical pages that would prove annoying while building the knowledge business. Tony Robbins and Dean Graziosi will guide you on how to create your order and application page in this lesson.

⦁ The perfect order page

⦁ The perfect application page

⦁ Creating your order & application page

⦁ Bonus: The secret to winning negotiations

⦁ Lesson #5: The Launch Secrets Now it’s time to get set for the launch of your event. This lesson contains the important aspects of launching your event and even so it works on autopilot long after the original event ends. You’ll learn how to perfectly launch the right way.

⦁ Launch & evergreen

Knowledge Broker Blueprint

The Perfect Mastermind Formula

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Hack Training of KBB

Module #3: Run It The former modules are build up to preparing the road to the success of your events. KBB module3 Now, you’ll learn how to run your event and make it successful, whether virtual or physical one in this module.

Lesson #1: The Perfect Mastermind Formula Masterminds could change your life and help you make profits when done right. This lesson would give you a detailed overview of how to make your mastermind a success.

⦁ The psychology of running a mastermind

⦁ Bonus: How to not get played by the ”Influencer Myth” Lesson #2: Virtual Event Checklists The internet has changed a lot of processes and the way we do things. Now you don’t even need to go out to have a successful event anymore. It could be done online environment. Tony and Dean would teach you how to run a successful virtual event in this lesson.

⦁ Running your virtual event

⦁ Bonus: The importance of who not how

Lesson #3: The Perfect In-Person Event More often than not, virtual events don’t cut it as compared to the experience of being physically present in a masterclass.

This lesson would teach you how you can run a superb physical event in any niche.

⦁ The location

⦁ The attendee communication

⦁ Creating event assets

⦁ Event logistics

⦁ Final room prep

⦁ Day of

⦁ Bonus: Tony shares 10 things that will change your life

Lesson #4: Last Steps & Thank You This lesson is a detailed overview of the whole process from start to finish. It summarizes the entire Knowledge Broker Blueprint course for you so you can digest it better.

⦁ Entire process step-by-step

⦁ Thank you from Dean

⦁ Bonus: Dean shares the 5 things you must give up to succeed.

Knowledge Broker Blueprint

Whats Inside The Knowledge Broker Blueprint?

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Hack Training of KBB

Part #4: What’s Inside The Knowledge Broker Blueprint? The KBB by Tony Robbins and Dean Graziosi is made up of 4 easy to follow modules and bonuses which I will break down in a bit.

Here’s a rundown of each module and what you should expect to find inside the Knowledge Broker Blueprint mastermind course:

Module #1: Extract It This module deals with finding the ultimate starting point for your knowledge business. It shows you how to find the unique expertise you can sell to make profits and impact the world. It contains 4 Hours 48 Minutes of 5 lessons. KBB module1

Lesson #1: Tony Robbins Secret To Success To succeed in life and anything you do, you need to start with the right positive mindset. In this lesson, Tony Robbins teaches you how to have the right attitude and mindset so you can boost your progress and attain massive success. What does it take to succeed? Mindset Secrets to scaling your business.

What to expect moving forward Bonus: Tony’s secret energy for life Lesson #2: Your Expertise & Ideal Client In this lesson, Tony and Dean will show you how to figure out the unique and profitable expertise that you’ll use to impact the world. And they would teach you

how to find your ideal clients who would be happy to pay for your expertise, no matter the price! Discovering your superpower Identifying your ideal client The narrow your niche tool Bonus: 3

Simple ways to eliminate stress Lesson #3: Story, Teach, Tool Facts tell and stories sell, they say. Stories are really powerful. They are one of the most effective methods of selling ANYTHING to ANYONE.

Tony and Dean would teach you how to craft better stories that effectively sell your offer in this lesson. The secret art of storytelling Extracting what you will teach BONUS: Tony – Why people buy feelings

Lesson #4: Your Toolbox There are various moving parts to building a knowledge business. And this could prove overwhelming and challenging if you don’t know the right tools.

This lesson sees Tony and Dean share an amazing collection of tools and concepts that would help you optimize the challenging components of growing your knowledge business. This was quite lengthy.

The clarity tool Who I am & what I do Seven levels deep I know I’m being successful when Your not-to-do list The needle movers The spotlight tool The success loop The one thing Negotiation secrets Ideas worth doing The connections tool The wrap-up tool Bonus: 3 simple habits to create ”Overnight Success”

Lesson #5: Your First Agenda This lesson would help you in creating your first agenda so you can test what you’ve learned and started earning profit from your knowledge. Tony and Dean would show how you the most profitable way of creating your first agenda which is by running a virtual or physical event like a mastermind or workshop.

⦁ Picking your event name

⦁ Picking your event type

⦁ Creating your first agenda

⦁ Bonus: Tony – How to take massive action.

Knowledge Broker Blueprint

Who Is The KBB Not For?

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Who Is The KBB Not For? Although the course is targetted to those who want to learn how to extract their knowledge or leverage that of others to run, organize, price and profit from their amazing mastermind event…

But some of the great teachings can also benefit those in other business models. Yes! However, It’s not really for all. I would not advise anyone who is not ready to sacrifice the time for implementation to enroll in this.

As lucrative and juicy this industry is – if you don’t put in the work, it won’t work for you. It basically applies to everything in life. For how much time you need to make this work – it was addressed in one of the KBB’s FAQ pages, it says: Yes it will work for you, we understand that most people are very busy and have full time jobs, families, commutes and hardly any free time.

We designed this program so that you can work through it even if you’re hard pressed for time. You can listen to the trainings while driving, on the bus or even at your job with headphones in.

It doesn’t matter what your schedule is like, if you can set aside at least 2 hours per week you will be able to work your way through it. Even if you can’t start right away… reserve your spot and go at your own pace.

These lessons aren’t live, they’re pre-recorded and available online inside our training portal. You can login whenever you want, on your own time and on your own schedule.

While I only agree with only a few side of the above statement, I so much disagree with the rest. Let me explain: It only talks about making out time for you to go through the course contents even when your daily life is so tight, right?

What about the time to implement and take action on them? Remember: Little knowledge with big consistent action beats big knowledge with little action. ALWAYS!

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