Lead conversation system 2 

Lead conversation system 2

Product : Lead conversation system 2

Creator : Chad Nicely

Launch date : September 21

Price : $1,497 – $3,000

What is lead conversation system 2?

LCS2 was built by digital marketers to fit the needs of businesses of every shape and size. Features include a sales pipeline, automated lead follow up, a powerful tagging system.LCS2 clients receive a pre-trained Virtual Assistant to help and train them to generate 1,000 leads per month.

Who is the creator?

It’s a product sold by a big Jvzoo vendor, this is Chad Nicely, who has made multiple large projects online.

What you will get from lead conversation system 2?

  • The main value is actually in the monthly upsell where we get quality survey + DFY Quiz.
  • Premium course available  inside all mastermind training
  • 1,000 leads of buyers per month

Will i get automatic updates?

YES. You will get automatic  update after a few months of purchase. They  are very active in their platforms.

My Verdict

I thing its a good course with so many benefit. You will load  your own branding, colur, logo and  domain name. Its not release  yet.So you will get other information  in  near september.

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The Asigo System Review

What is The Asigo system?

The Asigo System is a new digital marketing training system. It is a kind of program that delivers lots of features.This course is being combined with their latest software development (ampifire) which automates the entire thing.

The biggest difference between the Asigo System and other e-store services is the level of automation.It will be the fastest, easiest dropservicing business model available on the market.

Who Is Behind The Asigo System?

The Asigo System is made by Chris Munch.

Chris Munch is a well successful online entrepreneur. He also develops Press cable, amplifier. In fact, he is very well known for famous companies. One of his popular and big company is MunchEye.

Who is Chris Munch?

Chris Munch is a famous digital marketer and self-made millionaire. He is the founder of PressCable, Ampifire, and munchweb. His previous training system and application software were a massive hot.He launched the 100K ShoutOut training course, which went viral with internet marketing students.

Munch’s work was thoroughly tested by a group of his students and independent reviewers. All the reviews point to the entire course being very insightful and the accompanying tools make getting started easy.

Furthermore, Chris Munch’s 100K ShoutOut program is a tool that seamlessly guides you through creating a campaign with minimal effort. I suspect we can expect similar things from The Asigo System.

When The Asigo system will launch?

The creator has said the system will be released  on July 28 . But, the date depends upon the creator who is Chris Munch.

If any changes made in this program then the date may be extended otherwise it will launch in July.

What is the price of Asigo System?

The front end price will be $2,995.It sounds like a life-changing investment. Your hard-earned money is going towards a fully automated e-services business. You will make that money back in a few months.


Why Should You Buy The Asigo System?

The Asigo System is designed to take you from $0 to a massive $100,000 in a year.

If you are a complete beginner with online business, then the Asigo System is PERFECT for you. Even if you are already running your own online business, adding an additional income source that is fully automated by Chris Munch and his team at The Asigo System is a great idea.

Personal Opinion

Chris Munch is a very well known internet marketer, so i’m sure the course will provide a lot of value for all of us to take advantage of.This course has lots of potential.

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Key To Freedom

Are you sick of others telling you this is what you should be doing, but it doesn’t feel right for you?

Do you find yourself dropping back into old habits that no longer serve you, or humanity?

Do you find yourself wanting, but unable to adopt a better way of seeing yourself, or the world you live in? 

This book will give you practical keys to:

Effectively manage the disruption, distraction and external demands of life. Tune in to your highest, best self, and confidently make decisions that honour you. Release common feelings of worry, fear, doubt and frustration. Feel secure to allow your unique gifts to shine and create the life story you want.

Come Receive Your Keys

Tips, tools and techniques are here for living your best life now. Another level of connection, communication, wellness and heart centered leadership awaits you. This time it is without the pressure that you may have experienced before. May you love using these keys and unlocking more of the amazing you.

Reading the Keys to Freedom is like going away to a mind, body and soul wellness spa. This book leaves you revived. The author measured words are carefully orchestrated to touch on all of life’s issues. Mrs. Hodge’s life coaching experience lives throughout the pages, coaching and encouraging the reader to unlock their ability to thrive. I’ve bookmarked pages and highlighted passages to refer back to in the time of need. And this one passage will remain in my mind always: “When someone is lashing out in anger, their battle is not with you, but with themselves. It is their personal battle and in time they’ll leave you out of it.” Having had a hard time with death, I was personally touched and comforted by Mrs. Hodge’s own experience with the topic. I highly recommend this book as a life journey companion.

My experience of reading it was different to my experience of reading any other book. Robyn’s book is full of positive ideas, questions and examples which all felt like gentle nudges in a forward direction. I liked how the book lent itself to me reading it a little bit at a time. I am a person who has many things on the go at the same time and it was very convenient for me to pick up the book when I had a few moments spare and read a little more.

I like structure and most books I read are very regimented with their structure. Robyn’s book was different in a way which I think was beneficial to me. As I read Robyn’s book, I simply felt gentle, lovely, positiveness washing over me. I guess in a way it was like listening to music. I am a very analytical person and can usually easily define things with words. However, I think Robyn’s book and they way she wrote it got to a deeper level than my mind. I felt it somehow spoke to my body. It feels difficult for me to describe as I am trying to describe something invisible and intangible.

To put it simply, I would say reading Robyn’s book made me feel good and as a result life appeared even more beautiful that it already appeared. There are many books out there telling us what to do and how to do it. I thank Robyn for her approach of inspiring rather than instructing. Keys to Freedom is a very refreshing read!

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100K Blueprint Review Bonus

What is 100K Blueprint?

If you’ve come across this product review article, I’m assuming that you already have the teeniest bit of idea about what the 100k Blueprint is for, or maybe… you are here to get to know the course before you dive headfirst, am I right?

100k Blueprint is a dropshipping eCommerce course developed by Dan Dasilva himself, although this one is a re-designed and improved model, which by the way is going live on August 13, 2020.

It claims that you can start building a business without any previous experience and/or knowledge in 12 weeks. Sounds right, but, let’s just keep moving on so you’ll get what you came here for— answers. So, for 12 weeks, you could have the opportunity to learn what Dan had probably done to be successful, is that right? Although, Dan also mentions that “success cannot be hurried”, and with that being said, you cannot be a millionaire overnight, let’s be a realist here.

The idea of this course is to help you start a dropshipping business that they would then put to autopilot so you could start building more and more websites all while earning. But, I cannot tell you much about whether the existing members get their purchased model updated or not, though.

Who is Dan Dasilva?

Before we jump in, some of you might not know much about Dan so i’d like to preface this review with a bit of backround on him.

Like a lot of successful dropshippers, Dan started at a young age. It’s actually a pretty cool story that many may not know about him but he had a very troubled childhood and one day everything just turned around for him when he realized he was going nowhere.

He found himself a mentor and with his mentor they made something like 100K together – I’m not sure if that was dropshipping or not but it obviously sparked a fire in him to make more money.

His course breaks things down for you with incorporating a process. It all starts with doing research, getting your asset created, growing your asset and then repeating the process all over again.

These actions are typical for any entrepreneur to follow because it just makes sense. It’s not exactly unique to dropshipping and ecom.

He’s pretty popular on Youtube with a following of about 129K subs as I’m writing this. His videos offer some basic training with topics such as branding your drop shipping products, Top 3 AliExpress alternatives, what products you should never drop ship and so on.

Enough about who Dan is, you probably know already so let’s dive in.

What is Included in 100K Blueprint?

For the front-end price of $1,997, you will be getting a 12-week “training” where there are videos that will guide you through the process of building your own dropshipping store. A little pricey, I know, but check out what’s included in the course below.

Here is what the system’s 12-week training looks like:

Week 1– Outline of the 7-figure business model

Week 2– Learn to triple your profits in 3 minutes

Week 3– Facebook dropshipping techniques

Week 4– Use influencers to reach 1 million people in minutes

Week 5– Learn to use linear funnels

Week 6– Get the business to $100,000 profits every month and automate it

Week 7– Build a team to run the business

Week 8– Find new sources to tackle unexplored business opportunities

Week 9– Post sales emails and other activities

Week 10– Link Bing with Shopify and find new products

Week 11– Introduction to subscription models, pricing and sales strategies

Week 12– Multiple case studies and workshops

Personally, I think it is an overall good course as it is quite thorough with all the stuff one needs to learn about the business.

Dan also stated on their website the 4-step formula that can “effortlessly” have any beginner have a profitable business in 90 days.

How Does the System Work?

Well, as I’ve mentioned earlier, the idea of the course is to help business-minded people start their dream dropshipping store. But to give you more idea, below are the overview of how the system works:

  1. They start by finding a product (with tools designed for it) that will fit their 3-phase criteria.
  2. They will then have simple listings created for them which they will pay for about $20 for studio-quality production and other stuff to make an ad.
  3. Send high-quality buyer traffic to the store.
  4. Look for broker deals with suppliers for faster shipping.
  5. Scale and keep finding more products that they can build these stores out with.

Final Thoughts about 100K Blueprint

As Dan says 100K Blueprint is for anyone who is planning to start a business and wants to build their own brand. This is for the ones who are serious about making money online from anywhere in the world and seriously want to enjoy Independence!

I know this course needs deep pockets, but let me tell you the value that you get in this amount is way more than you paid for!

As you know that there is no age for Success, you can achieve it at any age. This course is for anyone and of any age, there is no age limit to join this course.


Overnight Freedom Ultra Edition

What is actually OFUE? When we 1st hear that name what comes to our mind? In this article I’m going to take a closer look at Overnight Freedom Ultra Edition. It is basically a program or u can say a course that is intended to teach you how to build and scale a 6 to 7 figure affiliate marketing business from Paid Traffic.

Overnight Freedom Ultra Edition 


Product: Overnight Freedom Ultra Edition

Creators: Rob Jones and Gerry Cramer

Official Website: Link

Recommended? Obviously

What is Overnight Freedom Ultra Edition?

This is essentially an affiliate marketing training program that is completely available online and will teach you all of the details of becoming an affiliate marketer.

It shows you how you can make six and seven figures through this career as well as four specific methods that you can make huge profits. These are:

  • Earning a high-percentage of commission based on low-ticket digital products. A low ticket digital product is a lower priced product positioned to be the “intro” into your suite of products. It is usually the first exchange of payment for your customers, and so should be the first natural step that leads into your high ticket product / recurring products.
  • Earning recurring commission based on monthly recurring-products. Monthly Recurring Revenue (MRR) is the predictable recurring revenue earned from subscriptions in a particular month. It includes the recurring items in your subscriptions such as coupons, discounts, recurring add-ons, etc. One-time charges like setup fees, non-recurring add-ons, any non-recurring ad hoc charges, and the amount charged towards taxes are not included.
  • Earning high CPA commission from physical and digital products. CPA marketing, also known as cost per action marketing, is a style of the affiliate marketing model that offers a commission to the affiliate when a specific action is completed. The lead action can be anything from making a purchase to getting a quote, watching a video, or filling out a form.
  • Earning high commission from high-ticket offers. A high ticket digital product is a higher priced digital product usually something like a video course or online masterclass, but it could also be software or a hybrid coaching program for example (hybrid coaching is video plus live coaching). By focusing on the high ticket product first, you can create a larger amount of revenue in a shorter space of time and can then invest your time and resources into marketing other products in the products system.

Creators of Overnight Freedom?

Gerry Cramer and Rob Jones are the creators of Overnight Freedom. They are highly experienced internet marketers. They are very well-skilled individuals who help ordinary people to quickly learn and flourish in affiliate marketing. Since they have extensive experience regarding marketing this course will probably end up being a life changer to you.

Gerry Crame is a highly successful affiliate marketer, digital expert, and SEO analyst who started his career in 1999. Presently, he makes $22K+ per day through affiliate marketing. He also coaches students to become a leading affiliate in just a few steps.

Rob Jones started his career in 2011, he is an expert digital marketer and entrepreneur. He has created and sold numerous software and enjoys a laptop lifestyle.

What’s Inside?

This program is divided into 8 core segments. In 8 short weeks as you follow the Overnight Freedom System you will learn-

Week 1 – Setting up your Facebook Marketing Funnel

Week 2 – Architecting The Perfect Ad

Week 3 – Setting up your Pre-sell Page

Week 4 – Piecing it all together

Week 5 – Split testing, tracking and Scaling

Week 6 – Ad Accounts & Credit Cards (Your business Assets) and Mindset

Week 7 – Advanced Strategies, Hacks and Tips

Week 8 – More Advanced Strategies

Major Twists?

If you are really interested in making money as an affiliate, then you should consider enrolling in this program. Overnight Affiliate has remarkable twists and turns for students, this will be a game changer. If you are wondering why you should choose it, I am giving you some insight….

1. Powerful Traffic Sources: Overnight freedom usessome of the most powerful sources of scalable traffic sources. They include Google Display Network, Facebook Ads as well as YouTube Ads . Learn everything about some of the most scalable and powerful sources of paid traffic – YouTube Ads and Facebook Ads.

2. Site Builder Software: if you are going to use this affiliate program, you will receive a site builder software. This is a new cutting-edge program that will allow you to build Google, YouTube, and Facebook-compliant sites. If we need to build a higher converting YouTube and Facebook compliant website, this is possible only if we go through this course. Learning this is EXTREMELY IMPORTANT! Don’t do paid ads directly to an offer from the affiliate. Instead using presell pages is the best option. Learning these skills give you the chance to create high conversion presell pages and funnels. It helps us to become a SUPER affiliate range. Hence. We get complete freedom for making changes as per our choice.

3. Massive Commissions: the creators of this program have already negotiated great deals with some of the best vendors. They offer higher commissions than the normal standard rates. Note that in some instances, you will get a chance of earning more than 90% in commissions. This course let you gain access to negotiated offers with vendors offering higher commissions than usual rates. We can earn even 90% of commissions.

Most importantly, mentors unleash some super-amazing offers that let you earn a reduction on the ‘backend’ arrangement which is available only to members. You will never find this anywhere else. With these offers, we can earn almost 50% on the high ticket product of $500-$2500. Additionally, there are some offers where you will earn a good amount of money from the ackend sequence’. So, you will have an additional option of earning 50% for a product that costs between $500 and $2500! 

4. Premium Ad Generator: This is a revolutionary software which writes your ads. With the help of advanced software, we can write practical yet beneficiary student’s ads with ease. The AD Generator is based on analyzing many best performing ads on YouTube and Facebook and allows us to gain high converting ad copy designed in a short time. As a result, it makes it easier for you to get the best ads.

5. Weekly Prizes: during the first 12 months, this affiliate program will be awarding cash prizes every week, which can be available until next year. The cash prizes intend to encourage students for taking necessary actions with the program materials. It is simply a motivating factor to ensure that you take seriously everything regarding the materials found within this program.

6. Few sales, high earnings: As a student, you have to make only 4 sales in one week to earn 100K PROFIT a YEAR from this course. This is insane! 

My Opinion

In my personal opinion, I have found this benefits from this course

  • Earn Higher Commissions from Varying Sources
  • Earn High Commissions from Digital and Physical Products.
  • Learn Building Perfect Ads for More Revenue
  • Simple and Systematic Approach with Proven Results
  • No Requirement for Prior Experience or Expertise in Affiliate Marketing.
  • Earn Recurring Commissions on a Monthly Basis.
  • Run a Sustainable Full-fledged Business.

So, to me Overnight Freedom is an awesome training course designed for those like me who sincerely wish to learn everything about affiliate marketing and use it to their advantage of earning money. In the world of affiliate marketing, this program is going to be a game-changer and it comes with its distinct and own unique features. A lot of affiliate programs, I should say most of them pay standard commissions, but with Overnight Freedom Ultra Edition, you can earn higher commissions. Not only this. It is known to utilize a cutting-edge technology that will eventually do nearly all the prerequisite tasks for you including creating ads.


The Kibo Code Webinar Training

Make Sure you Join The Webinar Training With Aidan

Lets See More Details About The Kibo Code ==>

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Knowledge Broker Blueprint (KBB) 2020

✅👉KBB Course Free Training

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What IS The KiBO Code

What IS The KiBO Code The Kibo Code Review

According to Aidan Booth, “This is WITHOUT a doubt the easiest to understand, simplest, most predictable and most profitable business model we have ever taught. It really is eCommerce DONE DIFFERENTLY in a way that people have NOT seen before. “

With this method, you don’t need to involve Amazon, you don’t need to deal with warehouses or foreign suppliers – neither do you need to run Facebook Ads or worry about inventory.

In other words this model ELIMINATES of ALL of those common objections.

​I’ll have more info on that shortly!

Lets Join The FREE Web Class With Aidan To Learn More in details below the video. Lets see how the Kibo Code Works, How You Can Start A Successful Ecommerce Business Online.

Funnel Builder Training




Knowledge Broker Blueprint formally know as Knowledge Business Blueprint is a revolutionary program created by Tony Robbins, Dean Graziosi and Russell Brunson that provides you with the software and training to turn your knowledge and other people’s knowledge into profit and impact the world.

It teaches you step by step method you can use right away to tap into the $129 Billion Dollar industry and take your share while impacting and changing lives. Ready to claim your SHARE? Get instant access.. CLICK THE LINK BELOW NOW.

The business of selling material goods is slowly yet steadily giving way to something more subtle, powerful, and valuable: selling knowledge and skills.

Estimated to be worth over $355M per day, the knowledge industry is conquering the world and letting ordinary people put their expertise to use for a steady income.

However, the sheer size of the industry leads to fierce competition in almost any niche imaginable. How can you break through the noise, find what exactly you can sell, and market it effectively for the right people?

Naturally, the best way to master such a tricky business is to learn from a world-class leader in the field. But what if you could learn from two world-class leaders instead of one?

That’s what the Knowledge Broker Blueprint (KBB 2.0) by Tony Robbins, Russell Brunson and Dean Graziosi is all about, and here goes our in-depth review of what it has to offer for you.

Make sure you join the FREE Training with Dean, Tony Robbins for more details about KBB Method 2.0.

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Animaytor BUSINESS World’s Fastest, Easiest, MOST Powerful Animation Video Maker

NEVER Waste Time & Money On Videos Again…
Instantly GROW Your Profits In MINUTES With The World’s Fastest & Easiest Animation Software EVER For ALL Your Videos!

Pre-Made-For-You Animation Templates
imagesAnimated Videos on Demand
imagesAutomated Video Generator
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imagesText2SpeechFX Technology
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images1 Click
imagesDual Timeline

Exceptional animated video sales letters on demand to sell your products and services! Present your message and connect with your target audience in animation.

Blog post videos to promote an upcoming event. Lower your bounce rate by 34% and increase your Google rankings tremendously for free organic traffic with every new video post.

Viral or social media videos to boost your brand and build awareness. Create social video posts to promote your business for the world to see, like, comment and share!

Explainer videos to showcase your product and service with background music, sound effects and a voiceover to capture attention. The perfect way to present online or offline.

Select from a range of pre-made themes or start from scratch. Easy to use and edit with simple drag and drop, point and click.

Customize everything from the content, to the effects, the transitions, the voiceover, the sound and background music.

Once you’re ready, Animayte to publish your studio quality video in HD and share your message with the world.

Hack $100,000 Funnel Less Than Hour ✅